Our porposed to informed people about the existing texter clan in the philippines. How they become a social phenomenon in this country.Texters Clan was established for all the people who loves texting.There are thousands of organizations, each with a specific purpose or goal. There are so many reasons why one should consider becoming part of an organization he or she believes in.


Texter's clan is a gate way to find new friends or partners, dating and long term relationship through texting. But there is also some incidents of crime.... come and follow this blog for you to know and for you to find out WHAT IS THAT CRIME....
Whatever the situation confronted by nation, young people are still bound to think, what is good, what they want to do for the better and to prepare for the future.
In order to have peace of mind, to meet the need and the satisfaction of the today's generation, the organizer of a texter's clan initiated a texter’s clan to divert their attention into a positive way and for them to develop self-esteem, talent, ability, leadership, camaraderie and friendship. The institution is looking forward for members to become good followers not only in the clan but also in the society; to strengthen and to enhance our social responsibility to others. Through designing different activities and outreach programs that will be participated by members of the society respectively.

Example rules in a clan

1. No Snobbers
-huwag magsnob ng clanmate
-huwag kayo mamili ng iji-GM, dapat lahat ay makareceive
-dapat i-welcome lahat ng newbies at i-save agad ang number
2. Respect All The Clan Members Especially The Officers
3. Dapat Umatend ng GEB
-pag may GEB, please attend so you'll meet in person yung mga ka-text natin
-GEB is a fixed date at agreed ng lahat
4. Dapat Mag-GM Lahat Ng Members Within 48 Hours
-dapat maka-GM lahat ng unlimited within 48 hours
-pag walang load,makitext and try to contact the officers
5.Ipaalam ng Karir(relationships) Within Sa Clan
-hindi maiiwasan ang developan sa clan
-hope so na ipaalam sa lahat kung sino ang inyong mga boyfriend or girlfriend ninyo sa clan
-bawal kasi ang agawan and two-timer dito
6. Huwag Sirain Ang Clan
-don't make any move na masisira ang clan
-if may away, wag ng damayin ang clan.
7. Be cooperative.
8. No recruting a manyak.
9. Don't choose texters.
10. Quitting are not allowed unless there a a valid reasons.
11. Bad words in GM are not allowed.
12. No disdrimination.
13. Be active.
14. codename change twice.
15. No GM in one week already in warning.
GM-group message
GEB-group eyeball

Monday, August 30, 2010

a Texter's clan that is good for our soul.

Student Groups - Religious Groups of texter
sharing the truth of God's word.
sa mga globe users n gus2 makakilala o kumikilala ky GOD are free to join.
just post your digits on the wall or s discussions.
for more info about s clan add nyo nalang sa facebook

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Rumors from the elder

Habang nasa Internet shop ako narinig ko pinaguusapan ng mga matatanda ang mga texter Clan. Pinag-usapan na kung sana may mga cellphone na noon edi sana nakasali na sila sa mga texter clan. Noon daw kasi makukumpara ito sa praternity brotherhood kaya nga mas gusto na daw nila ito kaysa sumali ang mga anak nila sa praternity. Ngayon hindi na sikat ang mga praternity dahil nga sa mga makabagong teknolohiya ngunit inirereklamo din nila na nawawalan na ng mga oras ang mga kabataan sa pansarili nilang kalusugan dahil napupunta lang sa pagloload ng cellphone nila.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

What is the difference between a texter's clan and textmate?

What is the difference between a texter's clan and textmate?

A texter's clan has a group of people, a founder, a member and funds. while textmate can only be one to three person. But they serve one porposed is to established love, freindship, dating and long term relationship.

Friday, August 27, 2010

What made a person join to texters' clan?

What made a person join to texters' clan?

In our opinion a texter clan is to widen its existence for better performances by each and every member, to foster friendship and cooperation despite the distance and differences, to build a uniquely kind of family that each members will be very proud to have as their own and to stimulate discipline and respect as a member and as a part of a whole, while cooperating through texting and still not setting the fact the enjoyment is still its primary purposed.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Example conversation in a clan

Devonairs Texter Clan kumusta kayo?...
Karl Abuan ang thimik sa smart devoneirs txt club
July 8 at 9:25am ·
Devonairs Texter Clan bakit po tahimik?
July 13 at 5:08am ·
Devonairs Texter Clan kahit saturday or sunday tahimik pa din?
July 13 at 5:08am ·
Randy Bonde hehe...baka buzzy all day:))
July 13 at 11:04am ·
James Jade Devon wow ok tlga mga devonairs love it!
July 24 at 4:40pm ·
Jessel Benguet ok lng devonairs,.maganda ang weather kaya mga din ang araw,.
July 24 at 5:54pm ·
Marinell Atos i keep on txting the no. but no one replied..i want 2 join po...hehehe...i'll try it again cguro.....;-)
August 2 at 1:30pm ·
Marinell Atos
I'm already a member...
And i love it!!!!!!!
You guyz are nice...tnx 4 welcuming me in.....
the best.....
enx ate ZIDGE.....:-)

Saturday, August 21, 2010


jejemon have their unique text language w/c become more known to the philppines. It came from the word "hehehe" to jejeje nad "mon" for monster. Late may of 2010 jejemon was introduced KAPUSO MO JESSICA SOHO GMA Network Last month august 2010, GMA Network have a program situational comedy called Jejemom played by the comedy princess Eugene Domingo.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010